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Appearance Protection Reimagined. F&I Profits Reborn

Vehicle Appearance & Value Protection:

Unique, compelling and profitable Appearance Protection products we know you and your customers will love … because you design them.

No F&I product has lost more gloss over time than “Paint & Fab.” Why? Because today’s informed, value-focused customers know faded paint and permanent upholstery stains aren’t the menaces they once were.

They also know a vehicle’s value is determined by its condition, and they’re more than willing to invest in such protection, but it must be consistent with their personal and present-day concerns. Unfortunately, such protection varies, and isn’t currently available in any one or combination of contracts.

Please call me, Mackie Hughes, MagniShield’s President, at (859) 421-4354 and let me personally share with you the industry’s first Appearance Protection product that is infinitely customizable for your agency and each dealer.

You pick the term, protection, coverage and more, from an endless array of each, including exciting options you didn’t know existed.


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